By Phone
Tim can be contacted by phone only at certain times. Please read notes carefully before calling

Tim accepts calls between 4 PM and 5 PM (Monday to Friday). (Voice calls only - not texts or requests for returned calls.)
This timeslot is chosen and is generally available so as to avoid disturbing sessions with clients.
Please be considerate and observe this request unless the need is immediate such as an imminent interview or last minute flight.
Persons who needlessly choose not to observe this courtesy for other people are unlikely to be seen themselves.
Tim gets many enquiries. If you cannot speak to him, either try again or send an email.
07967529130 (UK Mobile)

By Email
Tim can be contacted by email and he will reply as soon as he is able. It is often faster to contact him this way than it is to phone.

If you choose to email please include as much detail as possible. Also it is helpful if you can give an idea as to budget since this sometimes allows Tim to choose between several different methods. Some clients desire all the "bells and whistles" whilst others do not.

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