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Quick Introduction

If you've got a real problem then you need a real expert. Here's what I can offer you:

1) I'm an expert fully endorsed by experts from around the World.
(See expert reviews on the right of this page.)

My clients also endorse my work and results. (Watch generous clients share ther experiences below in their video reviews.)

2) My work is partnered with large and respected organisations:-
The "Fly and Be Calm™" system which I personally created is partnered with Thomas Cook Airlines. A number of large international airports such a Manchester Airport also prompt nervous flyers to explore my system. (See Fly And Be Calm)

3) Several UK schools use therapy systems devised and developed by myself- and they've testified in writing that the results are better than anything they've ever seen before. (If you work in a school and want the details I will send details to you at your work address. )

4) My work has also been translated into several languages. Notably Russian, German and Spanish and French, Arabic and Greek translations are also underway.

5) I train hypnotists and hypnotherapists. I've also been featured in the media.

6) I offer two types of services:- Business or Personal. This website is for my one to one personal work. If you are a business you discover what I can offer your businesses by watching the video below.

Free Consultations For Employers

I offer free fact finding consultations to businesses. Businesses customers should visit my new corporate hypnosis website or watch my corporate hypnosis video below..

Personal Enquiry?

If you have a personal enquiry then everything you need is here...

Why Britain's Fastest?
If you read the many therapist reviews you'll notice that I'm known all over the world. As I became known Internationally I started getting client referrals from therapists in many countries. That led to an International client list and this is why I began to work so fast. When someone travels half way around the world they need to see results instantly. They literally cannot come back week after week. This is why I started to specialise in the very fastest and most efficient ways to work. It led to this website - (britainsfastesthypnotist . com). This one visit approach has taken years to perfect but it does have huge advantages. It makes it extremely convenient if you want to see me. It also means you will know the exact price upfront.

How The One Session Therapy Approach Works
As already explained, normally I do just a single session. The length of your session will depend upon the request and the requested outcome. Once I get your enquiry and if I think it can be done within your budget, then I will quote a price to you upfront. I will also give you a clear idea as to the typically expected outcome.

Remember to tell me as much as possible. Let me know exactly what you're looking for and also what your budget is. I can also teach you how to help yourself for a lifetime. Further work on other issues can also be requested and occasionally I come across someone who wants the works.

Watch the Video & Learn What to Expect
Here's some example feedback from a recent one session treatment.

My Main Interests:
- Anorexia & Bulimia Treatment
- Pica Syndrome Treatment - Stress & Anxiety Treatment
- Phobias & PTSD Treatment
- Gambling / Alcohol Addiction Treatment,
- Business Issues, Interviews, Meetings & Presentations / Public Speaking / Motivation & Sales
- Exams & Peak Performance,
- Hypnosis for Performers, Artists, Actors & Musicians, Stage Fright / Curing Writers Block / Unlocking Creativity /

Self hypnosis can also be enjoyed and learned.

My Media Challenge?
I created my media challenge simply because there's an important point which needs addressing. Many people tell me that they've undergone common NHS treatments such as CBT or counselling and gotten nowhere. To prove that better methods genuinely do exist I created my national media challenge. ...

"Pitch me on TV or Radio directly against any NHS therapist, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, (or other large and well known mental health institution) using NHS approved therapies for any of the kinds of issues listed on this page. I'll publicly demonstrate that my own methods are many times better than theirs and much faster too."

What Will The Session Be Like?
Sessions vary in length depending upon the issue. Once I know exactly what you want I will be able to give you more details of the session itself. My approach to hypnosis and therapy is very different from most people's. I am NOT a music playing "relaxotherapist". I do not even use a couch. Everything is geared around results. Also I do use actual hypnosis so come along expecting hypnosis to be used in order to help you. My domain name britainsfastesthypnotist was chosen for a very good reason.
All sessions are 100% completely bespoke.

The best way to understand what sessions are really like is to watch the videos.

These clients have been extremely generous in kindly sharing their own experience for your benefit. (Sincere thanks to them for their generosity in doing this.)

Watch the Video & Learn What to Expect

Watch the Video & Learn What to Expect
Clients have been extremely generous in kindly sharing their own experience for your benefit. (Sincere thanks to them for their generosity in doing this.)

Get a Quote
I will be able to send you an exact quotation with an exact price once I know exactly what you want. This will be a price for my time based on the description of the problem, so please inform me of everything relevant. I am happy to send quotes and there is no obligation whatsoever.

I only send quotes for things for which I think there is a high probability of success and also where I think the work is appropriate. Clients are sometimes prioritised based on nature of request, urgency, manner of approach and also by budget.

I don't see everyone who requests my time. Whether I can see you will depend upon your enquiry, your suggested budget, times and dates, location, politeness of approach, also the quality of information supplied and also on how busy I am. You've got nothing to lose by asking and quotes are totally free.

Guarantees and Outcomes
I offer two types of session, guaranteed and not guaranteed. These operate at different pricing structures. Usually I work without a guarantee, but I may be willing to offer a guarantee depending on the nature of the problem and also on your ability to pay.
I pitch the work in such a way as to provide the best possible expectation of success, whilst minimising time and keeping within budget. For corporate work at higher rates I am likely to be happy to guarantee work, even for many issues which might be regarded as impossible by "authorities".

How To Book
If you genuinely want expertise then you are probably in the right place. Every aspect of my work is geared around giving you profound results in extremely short time-scales. No matter what it is and no matter how severe it might appear to be and I always strive to deliver outstanding and life changing results.

If you have special or unusual requirements then ask. I will quote a price based on need, location, nature of problem, openness, special considerations, time required, whether travel is required, and also upon my availability. I do not have a standard hourly rate. Every request is handled based on it's individual merits.

Location and Contact:
I prefer to work from my base in the North of England but will sometimes travel if absolutely required. (It's likely to be slower if I have to arrange my own travel. If you can arrange suitable accommodation, send a car, helicopter or aeroplane to collect me, then I will be there as quickly as possible.) Sessions are fast, intensive and also confidential.

Just call: see contact details below.
I'm a busy person so last minute bookings are subject to availability but feel free to try anyway.

Finally... Thank you for taking the time to visit. Your time is important so I've kept this short. Hopefully this has helped you decide what to do next.

Kind Regards,

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Therapist Reviews & Client Comments

"I was fortunate to come across Tim and his methods in the last few years. I believe his unique original work can only be described as a quantum leap in therapy which is so far ahead of the rest of the game that, if you are therapist, you absolutely need to study with him and learn his methods if you want to give your clients the greatest relief/change in the shortest amount of time possible.
If you are a client, even if you have tried a number of different options to deal with whatever it is you are facing, I cannot recommend a visit to Tim highly enough.
You will be in the safe hands of one of the world's top therapists with the most cutting edge therapy tool kit at this disposal.
He isn't someone who has just been on glamorous training courses, but someone who is at the forefront of this field, blazing the way forward."

      Peter Owen - Psychologist and Therapist - Leigh, Lancashire, England

"Thanks to Tim the hypnotist (as he is now known, also Doctor Tim to us!) for coming in to cure Mike's LIFT PHOBIA, which we tested out in full view off shoppers in the CORNMILL SHOPPING CENTRE, it really does work and now Mike and family can give the stairs a miss!"
      Alpha FM Breakfast Show.
(Now Star Radio)

More Expert Testimonials

"I have studied hypnosis and the subconscious mind for 20 plus years. Tim Phizackerley's encyclopedic knowledge of the subconscious mind, hypnosis, and therapy has opened my eyes to concepts that I have never considered until recently. Tim's passion and understanding of the human mind makes him one of the most experienced therapist and teachers that I have ever encountered. Thanks to Tim's teaching and guidance, I can truly say that I have become an even better hypnotist."
      Chris Hart - Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner - Orlando, Florida, USA

"Tim's extensive knowledge and understanding of the workings of the mind is remarkable, and this is reflected in the products he creates. Tim, thank you for sharing your insights and talents; the world is a better place because of you."
      Bridget Edwards - Therapist - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Two words sum up Tim Phizackerley's contribution: genius and generous. ...Thank you, Tim!"
      Carolyn Yoder - Therapist - Virginia USA

TV interview
A Recent Television Interview

(Invited as guest expert to explain the uses of hypnosis and other psychological techniques. Being a casual dresser by nature, here I was looking unusually well turned out. I enjoy the casualness of radio for this reason!)

More feedback...

"Tim Phizackerly has helped thousands of people worldwide both as a Therapist and a Teacher, excelling at both. I am very proud to be associated with him and honoured to endorse him."
      Douglas Allitt - Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach - Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

"I have really appreciated the tutorials created by Tim. His depth of knowledge about the workings of the human mind is incredible and he teaches in such an interesting and down to earth way that the information has really stayed with me.
The knowledge I have gained from Tim has enabled me to provide an excellent service to my clients because I have a much greater understanding about how to bypass the critical factor which in turn helps people to change unhelpful core beliefs.
Many Thanks to you Tim, you provide great teaching material at an affordable price. What a gift!"

      Jane Owen - Hypnotherapist - Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England

"I've had the pleasure of spending some time with Tim when he trained me in his successful Bulimia and Anorexia treatment. His knowledge of how the mind works is phenomenal and he shares this information in a relaxed and easy to understand manner. He truly is a great teacher!"
      Liz Hogon - Hypnotherapist - Melbourne, Australia

"Tim's work will take you to a higher understanding of the mind which has never been taught before. Tim has revolutionized therapy worldwide. 'Awesome and priceless teaching'"
      Mike Wells - Hypnotherapist - Morecambe, Lancashire, England

"Tim has a wonderful ability to connect with people. He is a unique, gifted therapist. Genius in what he does, smart , professional and a forward thinker. "
      Valerie Smith - Psychotherapist - Toronto, Canada

"When it comes to reprogramming or repatterning the subconscious to help people overcome seemingly impossible odds, Tim is constantly breaking barriers and providing personal therapy as well as self help tools that are groundbreaking.
Without Tim's guidance, instruction and unique tools, I know I would be stuck at a low level of success in helping to guide others in my practice. He and his work are definitely a gift to humanity!"
      Jeff Harding - Barrier Elimination Coach - Waikoloa, Hawaii

Another Radio Interview
This time extremely local for me. Radio Teesdale:
The Drivetime Show. (August 2015)
I was invited to discuss practical uses of hypnosis. Recording is here.

"Tim combines his vast knowledge and experiences into an elegant learning material that is easy to grasp. The way he explains certain topics in a crystal clear manner with examples is a delight. I was blown away by Tim's way of presenting the topic in his material 'Positive Secrets.' It was like a revelation that sets you totally free."
      T Sreenivasan - Therapist - Bangalaore, India

"I would recommend that any potential or established therapist take the time to study with Tim.
His knowledge on hypnotherapy and the subconscious mind are, in my opinion, second to none.
Having completed a diploma in Hypnotherapy with a different provider which left me with unanswered questions, I contacted Tim who, in just one day, made everything crystal clear."

      Bill Hinchcliffe - Therapist - Scotland & Gibraltar
"Tim Phizackerley is a genius when it comes to understanding the human mind!
He is a gifted therapist who consistently delivers fast and effective treatment to his clients.
Additionally, Tim is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond expectations so that, in turn, therapists such as myself can teach others how to Live Life Free and Happy!"

     Susan Cromer - Therapist - Miami, Florida, USA

Watch the Video & Learn What to Expect

Watch the Video & Learn What to Expect

Clients have been extremely generous in kindly sharing their own experience for your benefit. (Sincere thanks to them for their generosity in doing this.)


LOCATIONS - North & South England

Travel To You

I prefer clients to travel to me, but I will travel to most UK locations including London of course as you are serious and can afford to pay for my time, travel and accommodation costs. Otherwise I see people in my North East office.

Main Office
My main office & postal address is in the North East. The address is:-

Phizackerley Therapy & Training, Enterprise House, Harmire Park, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8XT
(Disabled access is Excellent: Close to Entrance and no requirement to use stairs.)
(Normal working hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Doorstep Callers:
All sessions MUST be booked in advance. No doorstep calling. I do not see doorstep callers ever. (See terms of business)

Contact Tim Here
Coaching & Consulting

More About:

Tim Phizackerley
Diploma with Distinction in Clinical Hypnotherapy,
GHR Registered (Senior Qualification),
B.Ed (Honours),
MBCS CITP (Chartered Status),
International Reputation,
Creator of PSTEC(TM)
pstec logo
Therapist and Trainer

* (Terms of Business)
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary person to person. YOU are unique and so your own results will be unique to you. To understand this more fully please see the videos, feedback and various testimonies. Tim is a professional and does NOT do trivial hypnosis or hypnotic entertainment. He is interested ONLY in real world, life changing applications. He offers hypnosis for all the above and much more.

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